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The Mr. Bento Lunch Jar - Empowering Overeaters Everywhere!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 4:00 am by RCW
Offer of the Day (11/03/2009):
Mr. Bento Lunch Jar - Silver
(Made by Zojirushi)
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Do you feel like having Italian, Japanese, Indian, or Chinese food for lunch today? Why not have all four? With this Mr. Bento Lunch Jar, your dreams of stuffing your pie-hole with a four course meal are now tangible.

Zojirushi’s Mr. Bento Stainless Lunch Jar is an awesome way to store your meal. It features a stainless steel, sturdy construction and vacuum insulation to keep your food hot or cold. The set includes 4 microwaveable bowls, a washable container and a bag for easy transport.

OfferOfTheDay Lunch Advice:

Do you know a co-worker who routinely brown bags his lunch with maybe a sandwich and a bag of cheetos? The next time you see this loser eating lunch, sit down next to him, without invitation, and whip out your Mr. Bento Lunch Jar. Slowly arrange your four course meal in front of him while engaging in idle chit-chat. Then begin eating your extravagant meal with a sense of entitlement because…, “Yes” you ARE better than him. Remember, don’t EVER share any part of your meal!

Product Description:
  • Round jar with 4 food bowls for hot or cold lunch storage
  • Vacuum-insulated stainless-steel construction keeps food warm
  • Microwaveable bowls measure 15.2, 10.1, 9.5, and 6.8 ounces
  • Easy-to-clean container washes quickly
  • Includes convenient carrying bag for transport
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