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Listen to “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” in Weezer’s Red Album | Offer of the Day
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Listen to "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" in Weezer's Red Album

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 4:00 am by RCW
Offer of the Day (06/10/2008):
Weezer (Red Album)
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Rivers Cuomo = Gawd?

When Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer, sings “I am the greatest man that ever lived” on the epic “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” (track #2) of this album, you can’t help but feel that you’re listening to someone who is DEFINTELY better than you. He believes it. I believe it. You will also believe it when you’re done listening to the track. If you choose not to listen to it…you’re dumb. Other favorites from the album include “Trouble Maker“, “Thought I Knew“, “Heart Songs“, and “Cold Dark World“.

Pork and Beans

pb.jpgOn a related note, I’m greatful that a band like Weezer could bring more notoriety to one of the most delicious dishes ever with the song Pork and Beans. I was obsessively eating Pork and Beans almost daily about 5 years ago after I learned that it was a main staple of Ed Gein’s widely publicized diet (see galleries below). Authorities found that his house was littered with empty pork and beans cans while rummaging through his house back in the late 50’s.

Here’s a list of other odd “knick knacks” found at Ed Gein’s house back in 1957:

  • Human skulls mounted upon the corner posts of his bed;
  • Skin fashioned into a lampshade and used to upholster chair seats;
  • Breasts used as cup holders
  • Human skullcaps, apparently in use as soup bowls;
  • A human heart (it is disputed where the heart was found; the deputies’ reports all claim that the heart was in a saucepan on the stove, with some crime scene photographers claiming it was in a paper bag);
  • Skin from the face of Mary Hogan, a local tavern owner, found in a paper bag
  • A window shade pull consisting of human lips;
  • A vest crafted from the skin of a woman’s torso;
  • A belt made from several human nipples, among many other such grisly objects;
  • Socks made from human flesh.
  • A sheath made from human skin.
  • A box of preserved vulvas that Ed admitted to wearing.
  • And Weezer’s Red album

BTW, I made that last one up. We all know that the boys from Weezer weren’t even born yet and that the group formed in the early 90’s. If you want to know more about Ed Gein, click here.

I also made a photo album dedicated to Pork and Beans. There were so many great cans of Pork and Beans, it’s hard to remember them all. Here are but a few of those great memories kept for posterity:

Gallery1 | Gallery 2| Gallery 3 | Gallery 4

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