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Presidential Primaries 2008

Monday, December 24th, 2007 3:05 am by admin

voteWe’ve started using George W. Bush toilet paper and placed our bets on certain ball busting candidates, but that pales in comparison to what we’re asking of you next year. We want to make sure that you make your opinions count too by voting this election season. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or even “Independent” (i.e. the Furry Jerk) — DON’T forget to register!

Yeah, we’re a bunch of lazy jerks here at OTD, and our readers are too; so we’ve compiled each of the 50 state’s online voter registration processes. You can fill yours out while sitting in front of the TV in your boxers, or (gulp) tidy whities.

Remember, if you don’t vote — DON’T COMPLAIN about SH*T!

Register to Vote!

Primaries Calendar…

And don’t forget the primaries begin Jan 3rd. Register to vote, NOW!

  • January 3—Iowa Caucus
  • January 5—Wyoming caucus
  • January 8—New Hampshire Primary
  • January 15—Michigan Primary
  • January 19—Nevada Caucus / Republican South Carolina Primary
  • January 29—Democratic South Carolina Primary, Florida Primary
  • February 2―Maine caucus
  • February 5―Super Duper Tuesday: Primaries/caucuses for both parties in 18 states, plus two Democratic-only caucuses

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