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MMA Gloves
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Act Like a Tough Guy and Wear UFC Gloves in Public!

Friday, October 19th, 2007 12:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (10/19/2007):
Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Grappling Gloves
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With these UFC gloves on you can become the tough-guy jerk you always wanted to be. Battle tested in the Octagon by fighters such as Rich “Ace” Franklin and Brandon Vera, these gloves are the actual 4 oz. gloves worn by top fighters in UFC mixed martial arts competitions!

These MMA1 gloves feature cut fingers with an open thumb and palm, wider velcro wrist strap for extra support, and all leather construction.

  • More than 3/4″ of padding over the knuckles for increased hand and fist protection
  • Reinforced seams and finger slots
  • Durable hook & loop wrist strap
  • Elastic cuff for professional form fit

Rihanna Beaten Up FaceNo one, I repeat…NO ONE, likes receiving hammer-fists to the face. So, while wearing these UFC gloves, you can act like a pompous Jerk all you want. And when you walk around with these gloves on, do it with a sense of entitlement, because no one will ever think about crossing you.

Suppose someone did cross you. Here at OfferOfTheDay.com, we suggest you do the following: Raise your clenched, gloved fist and point it at the perp…making sure your bicep is fully flexed. With an unwaivering, aggressive tone in your voice and a look of deadly intent in your eyes, confidently repeat the following statement:

Do you REALLY want to get into a scuffle with a UFC wannabe?

You can make up your own scenarios with these UFC gloves … believe me, the possibilities are endless. Try wearing them to Premiere Pizza to see if the hot chick tries pawning off the smaller pepperoni slice to you. Wear them to a bar to see if the bartender tries to cut you off for drinking too many Seven and Sevens. Wear them to your gym and see if anyone declines when you ask for a “spotter”.

Here’s my favorite. When its cold outside, and people around you are putting on their mittens and Isotoners, put these UFC gloves on and watch heads turn. There will be at least one jerk who’ll say, “Look at that tough guy over there. He thinks those fighting gloves actually will keep his hands warm. I bet he thinks he’s something special, like he’s Georges St. Pierre or something.”

Now, if you read into his sarcasm, just beat the living snot out of him. Your knuckles will be well protected in your new gloves. We actually give you free reign to repeatedly punch that jerk to within an inch of his life.

BTW, these UFC gloves also help round-out a great Halloween costume as a UFC thug. Besides the UFC gloves, all you really need are camouflage shorts and a mouthpiece. Testicular protection (i.e. a cup) is not really necessary, but it will give your costume a small sense of verisimilitude.

Not sure how to use these gloves? Click Here.

Comment below on how you would use these gloves.

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