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Toilet Monster
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Potty Train Your Kids the Right Way!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (10/23/2008):
Green or Red Bog Monster Halloween Toilet Prank
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Meet the SCARY Toilet Bog Monster. Besides being scary, he apparently loves the smell of human excrement. He’s smiling because he’s doing what he loves to do … what he was born to do; and that’s scare the ‘crap’ out of people … LITERALLY.

This Toilet Bog Monster is perfect for…

  1. a family that’s in the middle of potty training their kid
  2. a family that has a kid who’s constantly complaining about a boogeyman in the closet
  3. a family that has a kid who’s having trouble sleeping due to terrible nightmares
  4. notifying guests at your Halloween party that a particular toilet is not working1
  5. playing pranks on guests that are in dyer, butt-cheek-clenching need of “dropping a deuce“; this will surely make them “red-in-the-face”, or should we say, brown-in-the-shorts

Green Toilet MonsterSeriously though, if you have a kid that’s scared of monsters, why not make this kid confront his/her fears the right way; by secretly installing this toilet monster in your kid’s toilet after making him watch his first horror flick. Before tucking your kid in, make sure this little wimp drinks plenty of water, under the guise that he needs to be properly “hydrated”. And, when you hear the little wuss screaming for you in the middle of the night, take a minute for yourself and enjoy the moment before heading to the bathroom to do some “comforting”.

When your “so-called” son or daughter grows up, you’ll thank us for setting them straight. But don’t just thank us, thank the Green Bog Monster. And, if you thought this was a SERIOUS forum about potty training, please Click Here.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Walk into your stank-ass bathroom and lift open the dirty toilet lid (if there is fecal matter in the bowl … flush)
  2. Stick the suction cups, located on the back hands of the monster, to the inside of the toilet lid
  3. Stick the suction cups, located on the bottom of the monster, to the inside of the toilet rim
  4. Close the toilet seat cover and wait for the unsuspecting victim

Product Description:

Green Bog Monster Halloween Toilet Prank - New and improved with even more gruesome teeth than before2. Try the ultimate bathroom prank on your roommates, your family or your houseguests. Attach the bog monster to inside of the toilet rim and seat cover with the attached suction cups. Then, wait for your unsuspecting restroom visitor.

Painted, rubberized Toilet Monster easily attaches or detaches to your toilet seat in seconds with 8 built-in suction cups. It’s nearly impossible to tell it’s there under the lid, waiting to shock your unsuspecting victim! 13 x 15″ and washes clean with mild detergent.

PRODUCT WARNING: The Bog Monster should not be used on the elderly or AND those of weak disposition!!!

  1. probably cuz you clogged it again [^]
  2. it apparently had only 2 to 3 teeth prior [^]
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By Listat on 09/26/2007 at 8:39 am -

They should make a brown version of the monster for obvious reasons.

By admin on 09/26/2007 at 9:09 am - <- Administrator

They should also design a monster that has his mouth open, as if he wanted to eat your crap and get drink your urine.

By ryadmin on 09/26/2007 at 4:48 pm - <- Administrator

A perfect movie to show your kid before you tuck him/her in is Ghoulies (1985).

By Editor’s Top 10 Posts on 10/09/2007 at 10:08 pm -

[…] Potty Train Your Kids the Right Way! […]


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