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Who is the Real Chewbacca Jr.?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 4:00 am by BGW

Sometimes, we at OfferOfTheDay.com like to “stump” our readers with brain teasers, puzzles, and hard-to-answer questions.

Similar to when a detective asks a female victim to point out the attacker who sexually assaulted her the night before, today we’re asking you to pick out Chewbacca Jr. from a photo lineup we’ve concocted. You can also compare it to when Indiana Jones had to choose the Holy Grail in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) … Yeah, we know it’s a stretch.

Take your time because there are a lot of would-be suspects and impostors. We know the decision making process is stressful, and quite emotional. So, if at any time you feel the need to grab a tissue to wipe away those tears … feel free. But, choose wisely!

Which one of these suspects is the REAL Chewbacca Jr.?

Chewbacca Super EditionChewbacca Star Wars Battle Buddies Plush FigureDeluxe Child Chewbacca CostumeStar Wars Chewbacca Super Deformed Plush
Star Wars Chewbacca Adult Deluxe CostumeStar Wars Costumes Chewbacca Childs Halloween CostumeMonkey eating fruitBaby Chewbacca CostumeChewbacca (South Park)Chewbacca RetardToddler Officially Licensed Star Wars Chewbacca Wookie CostumeChewbacca LegoChewie’s Family

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