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Act like you were born in the 80s with this new Sony Walkman

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 4:00 am by admin
Offer of the Day (01/25/2011):
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Sometimes when you go on a run, you want a subtle way to say “Hey girls, look at me. I was born in the 80s.” Don’t be typecast as a punk kid sporting a new “pod.” Separate yourself from the crowd with this Walkman. You’ll see. It works.

Product Description

Weather Band Tuning Function — lets you listen up-to-the-minute weather from your local weather band broadcasts. Direct Weather Button — lets you access weather forecast at the touch of a button. 20 Station Preset Memory (5Weather/10FM/5AM) — uses electronic settings for easy one-button tuning for your choice of audio from 5 weather band, 10 FM and 5 AM stations

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