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SkyRoll Garment Bag
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The SkyRoll Roll-up Garment Bag Carry-On

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 11:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (10/15/2008):
SkyRoll Roll-up Garment Bag
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My brother loves the SkyRoll Garment Bag. He brought it for a wedding last weekend and was ranting and raving about its quality and its ability to keep suits from wrinkling. He thinks he’s better than me cuz my weekend bag was shaped like a sack.By the way, on the trip, I accidentally sweated on my bag and made a joke about how sweaty my sack was. It was totally appropriate.And ladies, I know you want to see my sack…so here it is.

The World’s First Roll-Up Garment Bag

This SkyRoll roll-up garment bag, designed to protect tailored clothing and prevent wrinkling, is perfect for the traveling businessman. It’s roll-up functionality is the best way to minimize wrinkling, making this bag an ideal option for air travel. Because suits are rolled instead of folded, wrinkles are minimized. It works as a two-part system: a garment bag that wraps around a hollow cylinder compartment (see video).SkyRoll Roll-up Garment Bag

  • The only carry-on garment bag that lets you gently roll (instead of folding) your clothes
  • Carry more clothing in less space (more compact than bulky garment bags)
  • Meets airline carry-on luggage rules
  • Perfect for short business trips or weekend getaways when you don’t have time to wait at baggage claim.
  • 2 large reinforced compartments are located within the cylinder that the garment bag wraps around: 1 water-proof for toiletries and 1 for shoes or other items.

SkyRoll Dimensions

SkyRoll measures 22″ long x 9″ in diameter (to see how big the SkyRoll is compared to the Furry Jerk, click here). The detachable garment bag measures 47″ x 22″ and has room for about two suits. It weighs four pounds empty. Made of extra tough 1200 denier ballistic fabric.

How to Use the SkyRoll

  1. First remove the shoulder strap and place SkyRoll on a bed or other large flat surface.
  2. Un-clip the 3 ending clips and unroll the garment bag. Next un-clip the 2 starting clips and detach the garment bag from the cylinder. Now you can pack each separately before rolling them back up.
  3. Unzip the doors at each end of the cylinder to gain access to the interior space. Load shoes, toiletries, etc. into either end of central cylinder. The cylinder is divided in half so you can have shoes on one side and clothes on the other, or clean clothes on one side and dirty on the other, for example.
  4. Unzip the garment bag and open it to load suits, dresses, or other large garments. After loading, zip it up and place ties, or small items in the mesh pockets on the inside of the garment bag.
  5. Once you are finished packing the cylinder and garment bag, attach the garment bag to the cylinder with the two starting clips. Roll the garment bag tightly around the central cylinder and secure it with the 3 ending clips. Tighten the adjustable straps on the ending clips to keep the garment bag from moving while you travel.
  6. Clip the shoulder strap back onto the “D”-rings at each end of the cylinder and you are ready to go.

Click here to purchase a SkyRoll Garment Bag!

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By Robert Daniel on 05/23/2009 at 7:19 pm -

Great luggage. Been using it for 2 weeks, and now swear by it. Straps could be longer. Holding two suits with shirts is a struggle. Would recommend a higher capacity garment bag. Length and width are ok, but a 3 inch depth would make it even better. Would be willing to buy an expanded version if you had one. It should 2 suits comfortably, but it doesn’t. Give it some thought and create the Skyroll II.

By Ralph T on 07/03/2009 at 1:32 pm -

This thing is GREAT. Mine is currently holding two pairs of trousers, five shirts, four pairs of socks and underwear, all of my travel toiletries, a pair of shoes, a belt, a tie, a flashlight, and four AA batteries. And there is still some room left!

I know that it is probably psychological, but all of this evens seems lighter than the same items in my former carry-on luggage.

By admin on 01/02/2010 at 3:38 pm - <- Administrator

This item is currently unavailable due to large demand.

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