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This Fellowes Shredder is Over 50% OFF!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 4:00 am by RCW
Offer of the Day (10/21/2009):
Fellowes 32177 Powershred PS-77Cs Shredder
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Shred Everything!

I personally shred everything with my name on it including any junk mail, old credit cards, and old bills. This Fellowes Powershred confetti-cut shredder is perfect for moderate use (25-50 times daily) in the home-office. It is also built with some innovative safety features and is equipped with an easy to clean, 7-gallon pull-out wastebasket.

Product Highlights:

  • SafeSense sensor stops shredding the instant paper is touched
  • Can process CDs, small paperclips, credit cards and staples
  • Shreds up to 12 sheets per pass, at a rate of 11 feet per minute
  • 9″ paper entry width; 7-gallon basket
  • Creates confetti shreds; includes five-year warranty on cutter

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