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Randy Couture's Advice on Folding Socks

Thursday, November 29th, 2007 1:46 pm by RCW

This sock folding technique, demonstrated by UFC heavyweight champ Randy “The Natural” Couture, makes so much sense! Believe it or not, this is life altering advice for us here at OfferOfTheDay.com. I’m saying goodbye to the antiquated “balled sock” technique…it’s been a “blast”, but something better always comes along (sort of like the iPhone). I’m going straight home after work and redoing my entire sock drawer*. Thanks Randy!

(video pulled from MMAmania.com)

*Editorial note 1: Here’s my handy work. The socks are now more stable and stack a lot easier. Applying the technique depends largely on the positioning of your hands on the pair of socks. You’ve got to watch the video closely on where to put your hand and how it tucks the socks into place. Just watch the clip and practice! Here’s more on Randy Couture.

Editorial note 2: I also just noticed that Randy totally screwed up in the beginning when he was demonstrating the “balled sock” technique. He started rolling up the socks on the wrong end! He quickly realized that it was a futile effort and corrects himself by flipping the socks around.

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