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Tea Bagging Just Got a Lot Easier!

Monday, August 10th, 2009 4:00 am by RCW
Offer of the Day (08/10/2009):
Penguin Tea Timer
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Are you tired of waiting for your tea to brew? With this “tuxedo-clad tea-bagger“, you can have a perfect cup of tea every time. Just tie your tea bag to the penguin’s beak and turn the timer dial to your desired brewing time. Turning the dial will dip your tea bag, tea strainer, or any other sack-like object that dangles freely into your cup or mug. Upon completion, a bell will ring and the penguin will raise its beak, lifting your tea bag out of  your mug.

Product Highlights

  • Penguin automatically lifts Tea Bag
  • Times from 1 - 20 minutes
  • A bell will sound when time us up
  • Doubles as standard kitchen timer

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