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Peltor Noise Canceling Earmuffs
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Pretend to be H.W. Plainview with these Peltor Professional Noise Canceling Earmuffs

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (07/07/2009):
Peltor Professional Noise Canceling Earmuffs
Model: (#H10A)
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These Noise Canceling Earmuffs by Peltor are really handy when you want to hear absolutely NO noise. These are designed and built to be worn all day if desired (or needed) for noise reduction and hearing protection.

Recently my friggin’ TiVo’s hard drive has been emitting an incessant whine you usually hear from older computers. But, instead of just unplugging the damn thing at night, sometimes I wear my Peltor Noise Canceling Headset, and it works like a charm.

BTW, when I’m wearing this Noise Canceling Headset I also pretend that I lost my hearing so that I can empathize with the plight of deaf people.

People I pretend to be when adorning my Peltor Noise Canceling Earmuffs
  1. Helen Keller, the first deaf and blind person to graduate college
    Helen Keller
  2. UFC fighter Matt Hamill
    Matt “the Hammer” Hamill
  3. Famous actress Marlee Matlin
    Marlee Matlin
  4. And best of all, the character H.W. Plainview from the Oscar nominated movie “There Will Be BloodH.W. Plainview

Product Description

Peltor’s dual cup design minimizes resonance to achieve maximum protection from high and low frequencies; muffling both the deep snorting of the backhoe and the high-pitched whine of the concrete saw. This patented design provides the highest noise reduction rating for earmuffs in its class. Lightweight and super comfortable, the H10A is designed to be worn all day.

  • Earmuff-style hearing protection
  • CSA approved; 29 dB hearing reduction
  • Hard plastic casing with soft ear molds, twin cup design minimizes resonance achieving maximum high and low attenuation
  • Includes 1 set of earmuff hearing protectors (2 ears)
  • Lightweight 1.6 pounds; 30-day product defect replacement
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