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Marinate Food in Minutes Not Hours with the Reveo MariVac Food Tumbler

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (09/03/2009):
Reveo MariVac Food Tumbler
by Eastman Outdoors
(Model# 38229)
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Finally, Eastman Outdoors brings the vacuum tumbling technology and marinating perfection restaurants, butchers, and delis have used for decades to the home chef with the Reveo MariVac Food Tumbler.

The Reveo MariVacâ„¢ Food Tumbler will revolutionize the flavor of your food. Get better flavor in 10 minutes than 24 hours of pan or bag soak marination!

  • marinates foods in minutes rather than days
  • uses less marinade
  • vacuum removes air, opens food’s fibers, enabling superior marination
  • fully automated - no hand-pumping required
  • Dishwasher-safe & easy to clean

Product Description

Eastman Outdoors Reveo MariVac Food Tumbler

Commercial-grade vacuum tumbling marination technology used by butchers for decades. Gives food deeper, richer flavor and liberates juices, even in leaner meats. Virtually eliminates advance food prep-marinate for 20 minutes or less just before cooking. Pulls flavors deeper into meat better than overnight soak marination. Stretches food to absorb moisture and increase weight by up to 15-20%. Uses only half the normal amount of marinade! Comes with a full 1-year warranty.

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