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Cook Steaks Like Alton Brown with a Lodge 12" Pre-Seasoned Skillet

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (10/28/2008):
Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
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Cook great steaks with this Lodge Logic 12″ Pre-Seasoned Skillet. It’s a bit heavier than a standard frying pan, but it cooks steaks more evenly due to its ability to retain heat better. BTW, I also use it to cook Hamburger Helper.
Steak on a Skillet

  • Pre-seasoned heavy cast-iron skillet
  • Superior heat retention and even cooking
  • Two handles for heavy lifting
  • 12 inches in diameter, 2 inches deep
  • Heirloom pan for kitchen or camping

So be like Alton Brown, and cook the perfect steak! Try his recipe for Pan Seared Steak using a Lodge cast-iron skillet. If you click on the photo below, you’ll notice he’s using a cast-iron skillet to cook some sort of birds.

Alton Brown

Editor’s Tip on Cleaning: Immediately following usage, hand-wash your cast-iron skillet with a stiff-bristled brush and towel-dry. After toweling-off, add a bit of cooking oil to the skillet on all inside surfaces. If you have a lid, keep the towel inside the skillet and cover. This towel can then be designated ‘Skillet Towel’.

Product Description

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet 12-Inch Cover

Seasoned, ready to use. This 12 inch skillet is a kitchen’s most essential item. The even heating of cast iron is necessary for golden, tender, perfectly pan-fried chicken. What other cookware can rival the heat retention, versatility, value and durability of cast iron.

Other Cast-Iron Skillet Accessories:

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