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Liquid Ass - Oh de Toilette

Thursday, July 9th, 2009 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (07/09/2009):
Liquid Ass Spray
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Your life may now begin.  Liquid Ass is here!

Liquid Ass

Liquid ASS is a highly–concentrated, butt–crack smell with hints of green poo, fart, and dead animal. Its uses are unlimited. Spray it in an elevator, car or office cubical. Just a few sprays of Liquid Ass is enough to clear out a crowded room. Get revenge with Liquid Ass.

Our Suggested Uses for Liquid Ass:

  1. Cologne at a Fecalfeliac’s Convention - you’ll be the “belle” of the ball
  2. Salad Dressing at a Coprophiliac’s Convention - only 1-calorie per spray1
  3. Stain Remover at your Mother-in-Law’s house - make sure you really rub that stuff into the fabric so it becomes “one” with the fibers

For Better Uses, See Instructional Video Below:

Liquid Ass

  1. this is unsubstantiated rubbish on our part [^]
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