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The Hand Sanitizer Manifesto (Part 3) | Offer of the Day
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The Hand Sanitizer Manifesto (Part 3)

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 4:00 am by RCW

The Hand Sanitizer ManifestoIn this article, you will learn what to do in a public restroom (nothing gay). This is the final installment of The Hand Sanitizer Manifesto for now.

Public Restrooms Are Death Traps!

No Touching Bathroom Door Handles!How many times have you been at a public restroom and noticed someone leave the restroom without washing their hands? These genuine jackasses actually grab the door handles smearing bacteria all over the handle. By the way, these defiled door handles are the only way in and out.If you have to use the public restroom, you might think that some part of your body has to make contact with the restroom door in order for it to open. NOPE! Here are your options:

  1. You can wait for someone to enter or exit the restroom and slip your way in. It takes patience (and a strong bladder) to wait for someone to come around sometimes, but when it happens, usually the person exiting will politely keep the door open for you.
  2. You can pull your sleeve down over your hands so that it makes a makeshift “glove” (you’ll get some stares if you try this with a short sleeved shirt). The shirt will create a barrier between you and the door that will stop most bacteria. Note: your shirt will have to go straight into the incinerator or garbage when you get home.
  3. Call management or security and tell them that “someone” has fainted inside the bathroom. As they open the door, quickly slip inside and head straight for a stall. While you are using the bathroom, sarcastically apologize to the person that let you in and say something like “I guess the person that fainted regained consciousness and left”. Remember that any stupid lie will work. The bottom line is - you didn’t have to touch that wretched door handle.
  4. You can suck it up, bite the bullet, and use your hands to open the door. You’ll start feeling a tingling sensation all across your palm. This “tingling” is actually the germs experiencing mitosis as they multiply and crawl all over your hands and dig into your pores. Don’t panic when this happens, if you remember the “Golden Rule” you will be saved.

At this point, you’re in the bathroom and you’ve done your business. Number 1, Number 2, Number 31…it doesn’ matter. The next question is “What do I do now? “. The answer is simple - SOAP. You should wash your hands any way you can, even if it’s just with running water. The soap inside the restroom is probably not antimicrobial, or even antibacterial, but it will do for now. If there’s no soap, turn on the hot water from the faucet. Try to get the temperature of the water to scalding. “What temperature is that?” you ask? It’s not quite boiling but you’ll know it when you feel it. Since you can’t really get the water to boiling, this will only kill some of the germs. After washing your hands with scalding water, your hands will be left with what I call the “throbbing fresh” feeling.

To exit the restroom, grab anywhere between 5 and 10 paper towels and construct a makeshift glove to open the door. Doing this is quite the norm now - anyone who’s anyone does this nowadays. If you don’t do this, you will probably look like a NERD while the other patrons in the restroom speak ill of you as you leave. They’ll probably say something like “Look at that nerd, he’s still using his bare hands to open restroom doors. Don’t they teach him what germs are in Nerd School.” If there are no paper towels, you are left with some of the options defined above. When you get outside the restroom, use the hand sanitizer ASAP (here’s how). Want to learn what NOT to do? Click Here

Please comment below on how YOU use your hand sanitizer.

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  1. Those of you who have been to developing countries and have sampled the water will know what I mean. Imagine a Number 2, but coming out like a Number 1 [^]
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By Andy Wang UFC on 09/19/2007 at 6:41 pm -

When you use sanitizer, people don’t see a punk. They see a warrior.

By admin on 09/19/2007 at 7:31 pm - <- Administrator

Andy Wang UFC wrote:

When you use sanitizer, people don’t see a punk. They see a warrior.

That’s all he’s got … that OVERHAND RIGHT.

By Bootie on 09/30/2007 at 4:06 pm -

That’s good stuff, dude. Thanks for dropping by my site. You might be interested to know I might have caught a little bug. :)

By ryadmin on 09/30/2007 at 10:46 pm - <- Administrator

Bootie wrote:

…You might be interested to know I might have caught a little bug. :)

Thanks for stopping by Bootie. As you can see, I added your site as a reference of what NOT to do. After you get better (if you get better), burn your bed sheets and spray down your keyboard with some lysol. Also, start using hand sanitizer for God sakes!!!

By Doug Figueroa on 11/02/2007 at 9:09 pm -

Use SkinWear! It’s an antibacterial hand cleansing gel that kills germs and bacteria on your hands for up to 8 hours and it doesn’t contain alcohol. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, and EPA/FDA compliant.

By admin on 11/02/2007 at 11:06 pm - <- Administrator

Doug, thanks for the HUGE tip! I didn’t even realize this existed. I will be ordering some SkinWear this weekend and will be making it an “Offer of the Day” very soon.

By Violent Buddhist on 08/21/2008 at 10:39 am -

I like to get a 2 ounce dollup of sanitizer on my palm and then just open the door. People admire my thoughtfulness for leaving a nice thick coat of sanitizer behind for others to enjoy, and be protected by, as they leave.


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