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Halloween T-Shirts | Offer of the Day
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Halloween T-Shirts

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 4:00 am by BGW

Here’s a collection of GREAT Halloween shirts that WE like.

Michael Myers Clown Mask T-ShirtMichael Myers Clown Mask: Pay homage to the king of psychopathic killers, Michael Myers from the slasher film Halloween. This vintage Clown Mask t-shirt takes you back to 1963 when Michael was a good little boy. Michael Myers, wore a clown mask and wielded a kitchen knife as a child when he mutilated his sister, her boyfriend, and his mother’s boyfriend in cold blood on October 31st, 1963. This shirt commemorates his youthful achievement. (more info) Camp Crystal Lake ShirtCamp Crystal Lake: Join Jason Vorhees, the hockey masked killer from Friday the 13th, and his co-ed buddies at Camp Crystal Lake. On a Friday, you can swim, drink, get laid and have your head decapitated all in one night! This design features a vintage distressed look. Happy Friday the 13th! BTW, Corey Feldman’s annoying character Tommy Jarvis somehow survives two movies1. (more info)

Property of Haddonfield High School T-ShirtProperty of Haddonfield High School: Michael Myers stalked and terrorized some high school chicks, including his older sister Laurie, and some of her hot friends; He also killed a bully who had it coming. All victims attended Haddonfield High School in Michael’s hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. This vintage Michael Myers inspired tee even includes the dried up blood stain all the way from 1978. (more info) i am the boogeyman shirtI am the boogeyman: If you want people to think you’re the boogeyman, you can wear this shirt so that there’s no confusion. (more info)
Booooobs ShirtBooooobs: Ghosts can see everything, but even after death men are still only after one thing. Booooobs! Meet a simplistically drawn happy-go-lucky ghost who is turning the widely used scare phrase “Boo!” into a politically incorrect slip-of-the-tongue. Silly ghost! (more info) Trick or Treat Bitches! - ShirtTrick or Treat Bitches!: Now fork over the treats and no one gets hurt. If you’re going to a Halloween party with people you don’t care too much for, you should definitely disrespect them by wearing this t-shirt. They’ll be thinking to themselves, “Well…maybe I AM a bitch.”. (more info)

Check out some other Great Halloween Shirts!

  1. At the end of the movie Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Tommy Jarvis took a machete to Jason something fierce and repeatedly screamed, “Die! Die! Die! in climactic fashion [^]
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