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The Furry Jerk is too Much Into Weezer

Saturday, November 10th, 2007 4:00 am by admin

Furry Jerk Loves Weezer

Ladies and gentleman, my favorite band is Weezer. Somehow, Weezer’s lead singer/songwriter, Rivers Cuomo, writes songs that appeal to my soul-LESS primate nature. My favorite Weezer video is Island in the Sun directed by Spike Jonze, because in the video (around 2:18), Rivers can be seen playing around with my BFF chimp cousin Randall.

Oh, my orangutan brain almost made me forget! My favorite Weezer TRIBUTE band is Little Bitches who play gigs in the biggity biggity Bay Area! When they play Island in the Sun, I LITERALLY go ape-sh*t.

- The Furry Jerk


The Furry Jerk wants you to check out the San Francisco based Weezer Tribute band Little Bitches on MySpace. Also, check out his chimp cousin Randall in the Weezer video Island in the Sun on YouTube.

Do your part…

When the rainforest is cut down for lumber and fuel, orangutans have nowhere to live, and that includes the Furry Jerk. They are in serious danger of extinction in the wild. So, please adopt the Furry Jerk today!

BTW, when we say the Furry Jerk is “too Much Into” Weezer, we mean that in a purely heterosexual manner. Want to know more about “The Furry Jerk”? Click Here.

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