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Become Some Sort of "Hotshot" with these Fake ATM Receipts!

Thursday, July 24th, 2008 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (07/24/2008):
Fake Mega Money ATM Receipts
(Pack of 10)
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Are high gas prices and the current “credit crunch” making your checking account look more and more like your 8-year old son’s?

OTD may have the stopgap1 you’ll need during this recession in order to continue making the panties (or boxers) mmmmm…DROP2!

Fake ATM Receipts Title

It’s a little thing called Fake Mega Money ATM Receipts. These prank ATM receipts are printed on authentic ATM Paper, it feels and looks real!

Because when it comes to your bank account, size does matter. Now you don’t have to worry if your real balance is missing a few zeros, with these gag ATM receipts, you’ll have the dates lined up at your door!

Fake ATM Receipts

Picking someone up will be easy at bars, dances, PTA meetings, and social events. Simply keep one of these slips in your wallet and when the time comes, write your phone number on the back and hand it to the lucky person. When they see the size of your bank balance, they’ll be “digging your gold” in no time!

Uses for Fake ATM Receipts:
  • Leave it on your kitchen table and impress friends!
  • Write on it at restaurants or hotels and be treated like royalty!
  • Leave it on your desk at work to fool nosy co-workers!
  • Use it to convince someone to loan you money!
  1. something that fills the place of something else that is lacking [^]
  2. an obnoxious Beastie Boys-esque way of saying “drop” … as heard in their song “Intergalactic” [^]
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