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Impress your Kids with this "Dora the Whora" Shirt!

Friday, September 25th, 2009 4:00 am by RCW

Dora the WhoraAre you losing touch with your children? Do they sit ignoring you while they watch their favorite cartoon Dora the Explorer? If so, we have a solution for you! In order to show your enthusiasm and fake interest in their show, stroll around the house wearing this “Dora the Whora” shirt. This will help you ingratiate yourself into their stupid little “club”.

Your kids are too stupid to figure out what the shirt means and probably don’t even know what “whora” refers to. If they ask what “whora” means or why Dora now looks a little like Brittney Spears, just tell them that this is Dora after she grows up. After all, Dora is known for “exploring” and “helping” others in need. What’s wrong with her making a little money on the side?

So, don’t be a Grumpy Old Troll, buy the damn shirt and be done with it.

BTW, this shirt is perfect for teachers who teach young kids. Imagine how cool you would look wearing this shirt to class one day?

Mens (M, L, XL, XXL) - Click Here

Womens (S, M, L) - Click Here

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