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Formal Wear Without the Fuss - The Deluxe Tuxedo Shirt!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009 4:00 am by RCW
Offer of the Day (05/14/2009):
The Deluxe Tuxedo Shirt
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Guys, do you know how much a tailor made tuxedo costs to buy or rent? I can’t even fathom a guess because I don’t care. However, what I do care about is being cheap; especially for weddings. Remember, they invited you and not the other way around. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to impress a bunch of snobs when you’re only there for the free booze and to hit on some bridesmaids at the wedding reception. That’s why we bring you the “Grandmaster of All Tuxedo Shirts”: The Deluxe Tuxedo Shirt (for less than $20, it’s totally worth it).

Other Classy and Respectable Shirts to Consider

Light Blue Tuxedo ShirtLight Blue Tuxedo Shirt: This light blue tuxedo shirt will have everyone do a double take when you walk in the room. Remember how awesome Tom Hanks looked in the movie Big when he walked into his company party? (more info) Standard Tuxedo ShirtStandard Tuxedo Shirt: If you don’t like the Deluxe Tuxedo Shirt, you can go with this “less flashier” version. This shirt is perfect for the times you don’t want to outshine your hosts. (more info)
Necktie ShirtNecktie Shirt: This shirt is perfect for the office. When you want to look really spiffy, throw a sports coat on over it too! If you feel self conscious about being “too dressed up”, you can always flip it inside out. (more info) Irish Tuxedo ShirtIrish Tuxedo Shirt: When St. Patrick’s Day arrives, throw this shirt on and start drinking. Remember, to bring a flask of whiskey to your office. FYI, green really hides puke stains. (more info)

Oh yeah, here is some wedding advice you all should read…

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