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Analysis of the
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Analysis of the video 'Crazy Lady on Airplane! (The Landing)'

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 4:00 am by RCW

The Introduction

What you are about to witness here is not self-explanatory…I don’t think it ever will be. What follows after the video, “The Analysis”, is an exercise in logic and reasoning. It tries to piece together a puzzle that wasn’t meant to be put back together. First watch the video in its entirety. Then read each excerpt below while re-watching the video at the specified times. If you have your own theories, thoughts or comments, feel free to add them below. I hope that understanding the reasons will help you move on, then hopefully you can sleep tonight without seeing the Crazy Old Lady dancing in your dreams.

The Analysis

Excerpt #1 (0:05):

Ha Ha! Perfect landing! Right on?! Right on! Oh, I didn’t mean to scare you…

Did she really say that? Yes, indeed she did. I feel that the Crazy Old Lady (C.O.L. for short) just got so excited about the landing, that she screams “RIGHT ON!” while pumping her arms emphatically. Also, C.O.L. notices that she’s scared a few folks in the aisle with her rambunctiousness, so she apologizes.

Note, that right before the quote above (0:04) she is seen looking at the camera, screeching malevolently…almost like a demon cornered and trapped by the archangel Gabriel right before being thrown back into the fiery pits of Hell.

Excerpt #2 (0:16):

Here, the Crazy Old Lady is seen doing bicep curls with, what seems to be, some invisible dumbbells. My only explanation for this, is that C.O.L. likes to keep in shape. Upon further analysis, her turquoise shirt does have the word “FIT” emblazoned on it. It’s always a good idea to stretch and let the blood circulate during long flights. It helps prevent clotting, cramps, etc.

Excerpt #3 (0:36):

Here, Crazy Old Lady is seen with her hand under her armpits. I think this is perfectly natural, especially in a freezing airplane that’s just been 30,000 ft above the ground. After her hands warm up, she immediately proceeds to dance in her seat. Hey, I would too if I figured out how to instantaneously warm my cold hands! For a crazy old lady, she does have some sick moves.

Excerpt #4 (0:56):

Chip off the old block!

What?! Where did that sentence come from? I theorize that C.O.L. is having some sort of residual conversation in her own head which has, partially and accidentally, spilled out of her mouth. Or maybe it’s a nod towards the pilot who reminds her of herself when she was young and meth-free. She then proceeds to dance like a buffoon again.

Excerpt #5 (1:37):

Crazy Old Lady busts up laughing for no apparent reason here. No explanation needed. You don’t need an excuse to laugh.

Excerpt #6 (1:55):

Right, right, right right… *Busts up laughing*

Crazy Old Lady starts saying “Right” a bunch of times. My guess is that she is mocking the passengers that she was just conversing with. That’s right! You go Crazy Old Lady! Whoever laughs last, laughs best. That’ll teach them!

Excerpt #7 (2:08):

Crazy Old Lady starts incoherently mumbling to a higher power while gazing towards the sky. Maybe she’s praying to God, Buddha, Mohamed, or her deceased meth dealer. Who knows? Everyone has to thank their lucky stars to land safely on the ground. After all, flying can be a very nerve-racking experience.

Excerpt #8 (2:30):

I’m perfectly fine!

Crazy Old Lady’s laughter is interupted by someone asking her “Are you Okay?”. C.O.L. retorts, “I’m perfectly fine!”. We know that’s not true. If there was one thing that I was 100% sure about in this mixed up world, it’s that Crazy Old Lady is NOT “perfectly fine”.

Excerpt #9 (2:43):

I am a mom of two…

This is probably the most tragic part. I wonder where those 2 kids are right now? Harvard? Yale? MIT? Another question would be: “How the F@*# did she get preggers! And by who?”

Excerpt #10 (2:55):

Here, you can see Crazy Old Lady is losing some steam. She starts to move her hands in an elegant fashion…almost soothingly, as if to say “We’re here, we’ve made it. Calm down. Breathe. Oh sweet meth, here I come baby!”

Parting Thoughts:

I’d like to say that picking a seat on a flight is like playing Russian Roulette. To the poor soul sitting to left of Crazy Old Lady, it was just your time. You took one for the team and for that we are truly greatful.

Also, check out another video of the Crazy Old Lady here during the flight. In this video, she just dances and does much of the same “tweaking”. Watching this video made me want to really figure out what song she’s listening to in her head. In my imagination, it’s “Tik Tok” from Ke$ha. However, I would really like to think it’s Ben Folds’ song “Landed”, in which Ben sings appropriately “Come pick me up! I’ve landed.” However, I have a feeling that no one will be picking up Crazy Old Lady from the airport this evening. Sad.

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By KC on 01/22/2010 at 6:49 am -

I feel sorry for all of you postering such negative comments-This Lady has some issues-yes-but is harmless. You laugh and poke fun at her-I sure hope you never find yourself or a loved one in this place. God bless her.

By admin on 01/22/2010 at 3:04 pm - <- Administrator

We have to continue analyzing the mundane. If we didn’t…who whould? Who would?

By ryadmin on 01/22/2010 at 8:23 pm - <- Administrator

The passenger to Crazy Old Lady’s left did a great job keeping a straight face and ignoring her from 1:05 to 1:45.


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