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The Coleman Fishpen - The World's Smallest Fishing Pole

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 4:00 am by RCW
Offer of the Day (09/02/2009):
The Coleman Fishpen
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The Perfect Pocket Pole!

Just stick this Coleman FishpenTM in your pants and get ready to catch some Trouser Trout1. Alright, we admit that Trouser Trout can be caught without the Coleman FishpenTM, but you’ll never know when the urge to do some real fishing will arise .

The Coleman FishpenTM has a super strong, telescoping, alloy rod that collapses down so that it easily tucks into a pocket, glove box, briefcase, or backpack. This item makes a great gift for those dubbed “TMIF” or “Too Much Into Fishing“. If you know someone who suffers from TMIF, the Coleman FishpenTM might very well bring them tears of joy.

Also Included:

Rod, Reel with Line, Tackle Kit, 3 Hooks, Bobber, 3 Weights, Practice Casting Weight.

Product Description:

  • Deluxe Aluminum Fish Pen
  • Fully extended pole measures approx. 40-1/2″L
  • Crafted precision technology
  • Brass reel
  1. What is Trouser Trout? Close your eyes and use your imagination [^]
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