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Get a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate from Coinstar

Sunday, October 14th, 2007 4:00 am by admin

CoinstarReceive a $10 Amazon.com gift certificate by mail when converting $30 of coins into an Amazon.com gift certificate at a Coinstar┬« Center. We all know you have that jar of change just sitting somewhere in your house. If you’re a little short of the needed $30, you can go to your local bank and get a couple of bucks in quarters…we won’t tell anyone. That’s an extra $10 bucks you’ll be able to spend on juicy meats for your new $30 crock pot.

You can also buy tons of condoms with 10 dollars. Imagine how many unwanted pregnancies there would be if you didn’t stock up on condoms. If you really enjoy being a burden on society with a bunch of illegitimate kids, then DON’T go through with this deal; otherwise, go to a Coinstar┬« Center with $30 worth of change and make the necessary “deposit”, get the FREE $10 Amazon gift certificate, buy the damn condoms, have $10 worth of protected sex and be worry-free…thanks to us.

Important Public Safety Warning:
Please store condoms away from your sewing kit (especially away from the needles).

Thanks, and kind regards,

The OfferOfTheDay.com Team

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