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Great Wireless Speakers with Remote for 40% OFF!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (07/08/2009):
Wireless Speakers w/Remote by Cables Unlimited
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These easy to setup wireless speakers from Cables Unlimited will work up to 150-feet from the audio source! The audio on these particular speakers are also very clear. Plus, you can put them outside because they’re weather-proof.

So, if you’re barbecuing, doing yard work, or entertaining your preppy friends outside, these wireless speakers will be ideal for music.

To purchase these awesome, well-reviewed speakers, Click Here.

Technical Details

  • 900 MHz transmitter sends audio signals without speaker wire
  • Weatherproof for outdoor listening
  • Speaker can be up to 150′ away from audio source
  • Compact & portable with a stylized design (10H x 5W) - 3 Rubber edge Woofer2 Mylar cone Tweeter10 Watt RMS Output9V DC Transformer
  • Phase Loop Lock circuitry automatically locks in and keeps audio signal clear and strong.

Product Description

Listen to music just about anywhere without the hassle of running unsightly speaker wire! The powerful transmitter uses 900 MHz technology to send music through walls and floors to the dual wireless speakers up to 150 feet away. These high-quality, weather-resistant speaker can even be used in wet areas. Enjoy the complete freedom of taking your music or other audio almost anywhere.

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