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C-3PO Costume
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Look Ridiculous with this Adult C-3PO Costume!

Monday, September 29th, 2008 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (09/29/2008):
Adult C-3PO Costume
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Become the ‘know-it-all’ droid from the Star Wars films: C-3PO1. All you’ll have to master is the pretentious British accent. This costume speaks for itself and there will be NO mistake who you are trying to be when you are wearing it.

Plus, you gotta love a droid in gold! Since the spot price of gold has soared into this Halloween season, anyone wearing the costume we’re offering today, would look and feel “MONEY”. Just pencil yourself in as the winner at any costume party you plan to attend. You will easily be the “jewel” at that party. Everyone will be pointing, smiling, and giving you hi-fives.

This isn’t just empty hype…this is a damn cool C-3PO costume. Plus, take a good look at those lower abs. Look how realistic those wires are! WARNING: Keep drinks away from that region of the costume, because a short-circuit CAN and WILL happen.

Don’t limit your thinking either. This isn’t just an exquisitely designed Halloween costume, it’s a FULL jumpsuit. On top of being quite comfortable, this thing can seriously keep you warm. Incorporating this C3PO jumpsuit into your wardrobe will make you very popular. Wear it to bed, wear it to work, wear it to the grocery…there’s no end to the possibilities.

For the child’s version of the C-3PO costume, Click Here.

Child’s C-3PO Costume

C3PO Adult Costume Product Description

Turn yourself into one of the lovable droids from the Star Wars films! This gold patterned polyester jumpsuit has a printed design on the front and back. Jumpsuit has attached poly-foam boot tops and ties at the back of the neck. PVC 1/2 mask is included. This is an officially licensed Star Wars C3PO costume.

Available Adult Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (see size chart below in inches)

Size Length Chest
Small 63 38
Medium 64 42
Large 65 44

  1. C-3PO was cobbled together from discarded scrap and salvage by a nine-year old Anakin Skywalker on the planet Tatooine. Given the limited resources, the droid that Anakin put together was remarkable. [^]
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