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Bugles: One Reason Why Raymond Hates His Brother Robert

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 4:00 am by BGW
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On an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, Raymond and his brother Robert get in a fight that ultimately ends in a box of Bugles getting dumped over Robert’s head. When their father, Frank, comes home, he is furious at the mess declaring, “Now I have to eat Funyuns!”1

That goes to show just how great a snack Bugles is.

Since that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, I have become a converted Bugles proponent. On top of that, my work has recently added Bugles to our vending machines. I occasionally purchase a 50 cent bag to satiate my need for a salty snack. Here is a snippet from a sexually charged online chat I had recently during work regarding Bugles:


[14:25] RCW: take a pic, and make offeroftheday

[14:25] BGW: OK

Alright, maybe there’s nothing “sexual” about the above statements. But, I just enjoy saying “sexually charged” in front of “online chat” because I like emulating Chris Hansen from “Dateline NBC’s: To Catch A Predator”. Get yourself a bag of Bugles to see what all the “hype” is about. For more info on Bugles, Click Here.

Product Description

Combine the unique shape of Bugles corn snacks with its crispy crunch and you’ve got a great snack that the entire family can enjoy. The playful shape and delicious taste will have you reaching for more. Made from yellow corn meal, Bugles Original Flavor contains no cholesterol or trans fat. Crisp, fun, and non-stop snackable!

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