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Brandon Vera Breaks Left Hand (1st Round)… | Offer of the Day
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Brandon Vera Breaks Left Hand (1st Round)...

Saturday, October 20th, 2007 10:21 pm by admin

Brandon VeraX-ray of Broken HandFREAK ACCIDENT! Brandon Vera breaks his left hand early in the first round, probably due to punching the titanium rod in Sylvia’s forearm. That said, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you who would win a fight: a man with 2 fully functioning hands OR a man with only one functioning hand. Even though Vera fought with one hand for approximately 87% of the fight, Tim Sylvia STILL couldn’t capitalize. Vera even won the second round, having side mount on Sylvia … however he couldn’t even hammer-fist Sylvia due to the broken hand.


OfferOfTheDay will STILL continue to bet $$$$ AGAINST Tim Sylvia. Even if 145-pound WEC1 Featherweight champion, Urijah Faber2 gained an unhealthy 61-lbs and fought Sylvia, we’d still bet against Sylvia. That’s for DAMN sure!

More about Broken Hands from www.emedicinehealth.com:

The hand is a marvelously complex part of the human anatomy. Every year, however, millions of people experience broken bones within their hands. Because we are so dependent on our hands, even a small loss of function can result in a lifelong disability. A broken hand will often require a visit to a doctor, and it may require months of rehabilitation care.

  1. World Extreme Cagefighting [^]
  2. We actually met Urijah while rafting up near Roseville, CA; he was in a kayak [^]
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By Eddie on 10/20/2007 at 11:52 pm -

Brandon Vera still should have won.

Sherdog Play by Play:

Brandon Vera (Pictures) vs. Tim Sylvia (Pictures)
Round 1
Sylvia, defending the clinch, squashed Vera against the fencing in the opening minute, which opened up the floodgates for boos. Vera slipped his way off the cage but went right back to the clinch. Vera cracks Sylvia with a left hand and kicks at the legs. Sylvia lands two knees to the midsection from the Thai clinch. 10-9 for Vera on the strength of the left hand.

Round 2
Vera landed a right hand to start the second round. Referee Yves Lavigne breaks up another clinch to restart the action. Sylia then rushed right in to clinch with Vera against the cage. The crowd showered the Octagon with boos. After getting Sylvia off-balance, Vera was able to trip him to the canvas and directly into side-control. Knees to the body landed for Vera, but little else. Vera then hit Sylvia with a knee to the head as he was attempting to stand, which prompts the referee to warn Vera for the illegal shot to a downed fighter. Sylvia throws a body kick and is hit with a right hand as time expires. 10-9 for Vera.

Round 3
A tired Sylvia showed urgency to kickoff the final frame. He landed a right hand before going back to the clinch against the cage. Sylvia opened up and lands a few punches. Vera told him to bring it on but he didn’t mount any offense. Sylvia continued to throw punches while Vera, now bleeding from the top of his head, settled for two leg kicks. Sylvia dominated the final minute with his boxing to take the third round, 10-9. The judges score the bout 29-27, 29-28 and 29-28, all for Tim Sylvia.


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