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OfferOfTheDay - Empowering the Boston Terrier Revolution!

Friday, January 29th, 2010 6:00 am by RCW
Our Boston Terrier Pops gave her life so that infidels like yourself can live. Her only goals in life were to snore, eat fried chicken bones, and conquer the world. Show some respect and submit to the Boston Terrier Revolution or we’ll see you on the end of a whip (the end that stings). Obey the Boston and you will be spared!
- OfferOfTheDay

Obey The BostonObey The Boston

(For more information on Boston Terrier propaganda, click a portrait1 above)

You are either with the Bostons, or against them. When the Boston Terriers launch their diabolical world domination plot, will you be prepared?

  1. A stunning icon of Boston Terrier Revolution, this image is said to have inspired the poor and oppressed to demand equal rights from their oppressors. [^]
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