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Hillary vs. Barack

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 8:30 am by admin

barack_hillary.jpgThe primary contenders for this year’s Democratic nomination are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton is currently a United States Senator from New York. She had her first stint in the White House as First Lady during President Bill Clinton’s term from 1993-2001.

Barack Obama is a United States Senator from Illinois, and currently the only African American in the Senate. Obama emphasizes ending the war in Iraq, as well as universal healthcare.

Obama has gained a lot of ground in the past couple weeks, going from a 8:1 underdog to slightly over 2:1. We are confident that Hillary will maintain her slim lead in many contested states and take the democratic nomination.

Today’s Offer…

We here at OTD are betting “BIG” for Hillary “The Nutcracker” Clinton (moneyline = -225) to be victorious over Barack Obama in the Democratic Primaries. Ride our coattails, and make some EASY $$$ alongside OfferOfTheDay by placing a bet at BetUS.com!

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