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The Back-Up Shotgun Rack
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The Back-Up: Protection Within Reach

Monday, November 9th, 2009 4:00 am by BGW
Offer of the Day (11/09/2009):
The Back-Up Shotgun Rack
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I can now sleep safely at night because my Red Ryder BB gun is at my bedside thanks to this nifty invention called The Back-Up.

Now, I believe that I have a fighter’s chance if a home-invasion occurs. I just wake up, grab my gun, and start blasting … asking questions later. See this video for more information on The Back-Up.

What is The Back-Up©?

The Back-Up is a rack that allows you to keep your shotgun within easy reach. Many people keep their guns on a bed stand, under a bed, in a closet or standing in a corner. However, none of these locations are safe because they do not give you easy access to your defensive tool when you really need it. Protection is effective only when it is readily available and easily used. This unique patented design gives you quick and easy access to your protective device, while conveniently staying out of the way.

Why would I use The Back-Up© with a shotgun rather than a handgun?

While it is always best to use a weapon that you can handle and you are trained to use, there are several reasons why a shotgun is better than a handgun:

  • A shotgun is visible and intimidating. You may be able to scare off an intruder without firing a shot.
  • While a handgun uses merely single bullet, a shotgun has a spread pattern, which makes it easier to hit your target when you are under the stress of a home intrusion.
  • Shotguns are safer for people in adjoining rooms. If you miss an intruder with a handgun, the bullet will go though the wall. A shotgun, using #4 shot, will stop any intruder but will not penetrate completely through many types of walls.

The Back-Up

I already have a shotgun handy. Why not keep it where I have it?

Because you would have to get up and find it, losing valuable time.

Will The Back-Up© scratch or mark my shotgun?

The special Polymer material will not scratch the stock or the barrel of your shotgun. Also, both sides of the gun abut the padding and box spring on one side and the bedding on the other. Therefore there should be no occasion for The Back-Up© to scratch you shotgun.

How do I know The Back-Up© will fit my shotgun?

The unique patented design is adjustable to any legal size shotgun. The adjustments are easy to make and The Back-Up© brackets can be adjusted from 15 inches to 24 inches to provide a custom fit to your device.

I sleep on the right side of the bed. Can I use it there?

Because of the unique patented design, you can adjust to fit The Back-Up© on either side of the bed, placing it where it is most convenient for you. In fact, we suggest you have The Back-Up© on both sides of the bed.

I travel a lot for business or hunting. Is The Back-Up© portable?

Yes. The Back-Up© is very light and portable. The unique patented design and construction gives you the ability to collapse it easily for travel, and place it wherever you need it.

Children visit regularly. What should I do?

It is never wise to keep a loaded weapon close to children. Unload your shotgun, put it away and lock it up.

Will I have trouble getting in and out of bed?

The unique patented design of The Back-Up© keeps your shotgun close enough to the mattress and box springs so that it is well out of your way when entering and exiting your bed at night. During the day The Back-Up© is covered by your bedding, keeping it conveniently out of sight and out of the way.

Watch The Back-Up in action:

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