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We receive correspondence from Ari Lehman himself... the FIRST Jason Voorhees!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 7:30 pm by admin
Ari Lehman as Jason Voorhees

OfferOfTheDay has received correspondence from Ari Lehman (he’s the dirty guy next to the boat above) regarding our recent article about him. He seems really down to earth, and wants to remind the masses that JASON NEVER DIES!!!

And if you haven’t watched the original Friday the 13th, go out and buy/rent it today. It’s definitely one of the scarier Jason movies.

Wow! Many Thanks for this great article about me. I am now leading a different band, however. FIRSTJASON is the name of my Horror-Rock band. We have been touring around the US for the past year, performing at Horror Conventions and in Punk/Metal clubs. FIRSTJASON will appear at FEAR FEST 2 in Dallas Texas later this year. Please check us out on YouTube or at www.FIRSTJASON.com. Rock On, and remember…JASON NEVER DIES!!!!! — Ari Lehman

Please visit Ari Lehman’s Horror-Rock band website:

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By Listat on 01/05/2008 at 3:16 pm -

Ari Lehman really got Adrienne King good on that surprise attack. I’m sure there were tons of people watching the ending scene from Friday the 13th the original who needed diapers that day.


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