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Accelerade - Exercise Metabolism!

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 4:00 am by admin
Offer of the Day (01/06/2011):
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Accelerade is a sports drink that not only replenishes the right electrolytes and carbohydrates in those other “ade” drinks, but also provides the protein necessary for prolonged exercise. My coworker is on the cycling team and has been raving about this drink. He keeps two of these giant bottles on his desk. Tastes pretty good too.

Beyond hydration

During exercise, an athlete’s body needs fluids. Period. That’s why replenishing fluids during exercise is crucial - especially in the heat. When the body loses fluids through sweating, body temperature elevates and exercise performance drops. This isn’t a good thing.

The most important function of a sports drink is to rehydrate. But a drained body also needs to restore energy and electrolytes. That’s why so many athletes choose carbohydrate and electrolyte-rich sports drinks instead of water. Sodium is the primary electrolyte lost in sweat followed by potassium. That’s why both are included in sports drinks. These electrolytes can serve to enhance flavor and encourage athletes to drink more. They also promote fluid retention. The addition of carbohydrates can delay fatigue during prolonged exercise and improve performance.

But, carbohydrates and electrolytes aren’t the only thing an athlete’s body needs. Along comes Accelerade - the first sports drink to contain carbohydrates and protein in a patented 4:1 ratio.


The inclusion of just the right amount of protein in Accelerade facilitates rehydration by optimizing the absorption of fluid. In 2006, researchers at St. Cloud University demonstrated that consuming Accelerade following cycling exercise significantly enhanced rehydration by 15% compared to a conventional sports drink and 40% compared to water.

How does this happen? Accelerade contains two macronutrients (protein and carbohydrates) and each macronutrient uses a separate transport system or ‘door’ to enter into the body’s circulation from the intestine. As carbohydrates and protein enter, they bring sodium and water with them. So with the added protein, more entrance ways are available for sodium and water to enter into circulation; thus increasing rehydration.

Taking endurance farther

Accelerade has been shown to help athletes increase their endurance.

In 2004, sports scientists at James Madison University asked trained cyclists to ride stationary bicycles to exhaustion while drinking either Accelerade or a conventional sports drink. The athletes drinking Accelerade were able to ride 29 percent longer than those drinking the conventional sports drink.

At the University of Texas, when Accelerade was compared to a conventional sports drink, it extended endurance up to 36 percent and up to 55 percent compared to water.


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