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Offer of the Day - The mentally retarded little red-headed step-cousin twice removed of Woot!

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Donate to OfferOfTheDayYou know what the greatest nation in the world is? That’s right…it’s DO-Nation! Unlike some other websites, we ain’t too proud to beg here at OfferOfTheDay. Come to think of it, we have NO SHAME.

So, instead of asking nicely for donations, we’re doing the complete opposite - we’re being downright arrogant about it. So go ahead and donate your hard earned money to us because we know you’re thinking about it.

We don’t care if you have bills to pay or children to support. We know that you don’t need that extra dollar, so GIVE IT TO US! It’s via PayPal, so it’s legit. Save the life of this pitiful & pathetic excuse for a clip-art human (shown just off to the right) who looks like he’s begging for his life, and begin the magnificent journey in supporting OfferOfTheDay.com. Just click the Donate button below for more information.


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