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Offer of the Day - A daily offering of whatever we want. If you don't like it ... take a hike!

About OfferOfTheDay

Offer of the DayWelcome, and thank you for your interest in OfferOfTheDay (a.k.a. Offer of the Day or OTD)!

We believe it is the destiny of this website to bring you one unique and/or interesting offer each and everyday. Our “offers” can take many shapes - products, deals, recipes, movie reviews, weird or interesting pictures, etc. Once in a while, we will offer our brand of advice. This “advice” can help you lead a more productive and meaningful life. Trust us!

Many people ask us if we’re trying to be like Woot! Believe us … we are huge Woot! Nut-Huggers1, so being mentioned in the same sentence as them is somewhat gratifying. But we absolutely DON’T deserve the comparison, NOR does Woot want anything to do with us. However, we do LOOSELY consider ourselves the mentally retarded little red-headed step-cousin twice removed of Woot!.

So tune in every day, or whenever the heck you feel like it, and be prepared to see either a great or lackluster offer. If you don’t like it … take a hike!

Still confused? See our Frequently Answered Help Questions (FAH-Q) or Contact Us.

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  1. Commonly spelled “nuthugger”; an individual who worships someone or something, sometimes to the point of excess; also known as a “fanboy” or “fangirl”. Not to be confused with the alternate definition: tight male underwear or a “banana hammock”. [^]
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